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The Creation of The Care Co.

My name is Jonah, & early in the year of 2022 I had the idea to create a clothing brand dedicated to helping those who struggle with their mental health like I have for so long. It wasn't until I made an attempt to end my life, spent a week in the hospital, and had many sleepless nights wondering what I was going to do with my time in this world that I finally decided life is too short to not pursue your passions. Through these experiences and so many more, I realized my passion is helping people. My family and those around me have always known I have a big heart and care so dearly for the people in my life, but for some reason I always felt like this was a bad thing or just an easy route to being hurt. Recently I have realized there is no better trait to have than that of caring about others, which inspired the name, "The Care Co."

To create this company, I've enlisted the help of some of my dearest friends who are also passionate about the topic of mental health. We will be partnering with hospitals & counseling centers to donate our time, services, resources and more with the purpose of helping those who are fighting the exhausting battle that is mental illness. 

The purpose of this company is not to acquire money, fame, recognition, or anything of that nature. The purpose of this company is to make the world a better place. With your help, I know that there is no limit to the lives we can save & the impact that we can have.

Thank you for your support, and please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you are in need of a friend :))

Hey, I’m Rachel!! 

I’m a content creator and social media manager for The Care Co.! 

One day a few years ago, I picked up a camera and honestly, I haven’t looked back. I love capturing beautiful moments and I currently am working in the wedding photo industry in Utah but my photography takes me

all over the states. 

I met Jonah through photo/video and was able to work along side him for a few projects. When he presented

The Care Co. to me, I had no clue what role I could play in this business but I knew that I wanted to join because mental health and suicide prevention are themes l hold close to my heart. 


Hey, my name is Skyeler! Since I was young, I’ve had a creative mind — making YouTube videos,

writing silly poems, and playing video games.

They all began as hobbies that fueled my creativity. 

I even met Jonah through being a video game streamer. Which is when he presented an idea to create a clothing brand that advocates for mental health

and suicide prevention.

I was in. 

Through my life’s experiences, I hold a deep place in my heart for the themes our brand represents. Especially because I was born with one arm, meaning- I know what it’s like to be different physically and have that affect your mental health. However, because of my physicality, it’s taught me that in the end, everything we do comes back to our love for ourselves and others, and our disposition to manifest it. 

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